PerfectPhoto_imageHello, I am Rev. Sally Singingtree, an interfaith community minister, offering  spiritual “healing arts” to individuals and groups.  The photo shows me in my car with one of my especially wise and trusted teachers.

See below for a list of services offered:

  • Spiritual Companionship with others who want to include the vantage point of the deep self / soul in navigating life choices and situations. Utilizing my training as a spiritual director I tap into meditative states and intuitive guidance to activate spiritual energetic connections.
  • Facilitate “Looking into The Mystery” Writing Groups in which we delve into the mysteries of life and write our deep stories.
  • Create and Officiate custom weddings and memorial services.

I used to have a  bumper sticker on my car that read, ” We are spiritual beings having a human experience“. I believe that we are indeed here on a spiritual journey.  As we know,  all too often it feels like  we’re  getting tossed around by life and wonder if we are getting lost in the details and drama of 21st century life. I understand—  that bumper sticker got crumpled in a fender bender not so long ago!

Our humanity is where the rubber meets the road at the juncture of our choices and our soul’s desire for expression in our being & doing.  We are part of spiritually significant events all the time, but we need to cultivate the awareness to notice the bigger picture.   Getting our bearings in this larger field of awareness requires shifting our perspective.  As we cultivate the habit of tuning in to  expansive, loving and wise places, we recognize that we are being touched by the “Holy” all the time.

I was ordained by The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry in 2000. << http://chaplaincyinstitute.org >>.  My life experience as well as my professional training embrace the mystical center of many faith traditions.  Although the outer cultural customs and trappings differ, they share a common heart of honoring the relationship we have with each other and all life.

Over the years  I’ve  been a healthcare chaplain in hospitals and hospice, providing spiritual support for  patients and their loved ones. One effect of my experiences at sickbeds in people’s homes, or   emergency rooms, ICU’s, oncology & cardiac units was that my eyes were opened to the importance of not squandering  life! Meaningless pursuits, risky behavior and victimhood produce regrets when life is almost over.

As a result of my time at hundreds of deathbeds and countless NDE’s, I began to ask myself this question: Why not die to what doesn’t work while we still have some life left to live?

These days my life is rooted in the fertile soil of a mindful, spiritual lifestyle that includes sustainability, spiritual practice, growing most of my vegetables, and family life. My life is rich in blessings all around.

My work via Singingtree Healing Arts helps others begin to live more fully in the “now” —where the real power to be and do resides.

We can all energize fresh habits that allow us to  step more fully into the conscious beings that we came here to be. No longer do we need to live “under the radar” or estranged from the soul’s truth. We are even able to bring  healing into our relationships with loved ones who have transitioned out of this life.

What did I do before going into the ministry?

I maintained a private transpersonal psychotherapy practice in Massachusetts and also worked at a community counseling center. One of my masters degrees was from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. I also completed a program utilizing Psychosynthesis.

The subject my masters thesis was the ancient wisdom traditions of The Divine Feminine as they still honor life today.   During those years, really the foundation of my spiritual and psychological explorations, I trained with various teachers and shamans  who gave me a much expanded perspective on health and healing.

Before that,  I was a music teacher, working primarily with young children and teenagers, helping them express joy and light through singing and learning to play the piano. My first master’s degree was in Music Education from Smith College. Over the years I’ve been music director for fairly progressive churches and spiritual groups, leading choirs and providing piano and organ music for the weekly services. In more recent times, I lead groups in singing sacred chants. (To listen to my CD click on the “Sally’s Music” tab.)

Who do I work with?

I work with people of all ages— not only in the prime of life and robust health— but also  those experiencing physical challenges as they come to terms with chronic conditions or approaching the end of the journey in this physical body.  My clients and/or group participants are  artists, writers, caregivers, health professionals, therapists and those who are grieving.