IMG_1254My writing groups are designed to foster healing awareness and creative expression. Here is what some of the participants have to say:

 “Sally  brings her interfaith and multicultural knowledge, mixed with abundant interpersonal gifts to support  a creative writing environment. The milieu she provides, and the safe feedback allows students to feel more confidant and to blossom.  I would advise those curious to try it even if,like me, you do not even entertain the idea of being a writer. ”  Hospice RN

“I appreciated the safety and intimacy of the group. The fact that it was a small group helped, as did the structure.”

“As a hospital chaplain and zen practitioner I have appreciated, over the years, the opportunity to develop and utilize my writing voice.  I recommend Sally’s nurturing and guiding structure for visiting our griefs, our loves and our deep connection. ”

“I’m a hospice RN, and I found the opportunity to write about and share some of  my most poignant experiences of patients and their families in a safe and confidential setting, incredibly therapeutic.  It has also been very moving and stimulating to share the writing of others; I find myself wanting to commit more time and energy to all things creative.  Thank you, Sally, for a great experience!  You are a natural teacher.

“I was first drawn to “Exploring the Mystery” by my previous collegial involvement with Sally at Memorial Hospice. Throughout our time together, I had been drawn to Sally’s capacity to create sacred space, and to provide simple, significant ceremonies for her coworkers.

   As I write daily, and have written poetry all of my adult life, I foresaw in this workshop an opportunity to work with others of similar inclination.

   The class met these expectations beautifully. I found that the class environment which allowed me to write from prompts, and then read my words aloud, invaluable. I will continue to find the supportive, insightful feedback of our group helpful to my writing. I marvel at how quickly ease and trust developed among us. I appreciate too that the participants approached the workshop from diverse perspectives, and yet we came together in a very natural manner, to bear witness to each other’s stories.

   I recommend, “Exploring the Mystery”, with Sally Singingtree, to anyone who thrives in ritual space, and who uses words as a means to investigate that space.”  Hospice Aide