Japanese Maple Leaves

Day is breaking upon a new morning. First light shines through the brilliant red, orange and green leaves adorning the Japanese Maple tree which grows just outside the big window in front of me. My eyes are lingering as if to soak in the exquisite hues of the delicate leaves. Even in these muted, foggy rays of dawn there is no hiding of this impassioned beauty that is coming forth from the small tree.
For me, it is an important reminder about the priority of letting myself be awakened and absorbed by the splendor of the natural world around me. It may be that the experience of these leaves stays with me all day or longer. My prayer is that their blazing vibrance does indeed energize my abiding connection with the rhythms, seasons and vital forces that bless my days here as part of human kind.
As much as I am able, I have dedicated my days here to this
purpose: that my thoughts, actions and being are in harmony with the elemental energies that vivify Earth and all beings who know her to be their home.
Rev. Sally B. Singingtree
November 2017